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Sir Round excels in producing ultrahigh-resolution, full-screen virtual tours with multi-language audio and text components as well as interactive maps and sound effects. Sir Round's tours allow visitors to look in any direction 360°x360° and zoom in and out for an exciting immersive experience.

  • Turn potential visitors into paying customers by enticing them to visit your location via a virtual tour on your web site.

  • Sell CD-ROM virtual tours in your gift shop or catalog to people who have already visited your location.


Check out Sir Round's Samples Page for complete virtual tours and stand-alone panoramas.

Let's make a tour!

Working with you, Sir Round photographs your location with a scanning digital camera, then produces a CD-ROM or web-based virtual tour with maps, voice-overs, and other features for sale through your venues.

  • Only minimal (if any) disruption to your normal operations.

  • There is no cost to you to have your location photographed by Sir Round, and no obligation to place an order for the completed virtual tour product.

  • To schedule photography send e-mail to or phone 818-209-3551.

Final Product

Sample product photoSir Round's CD-ROM tours arrive in plastic cases with full-color packaging and a multi-language paper guide for the customer's assistance with the product. If produced for the web, files are provided to the site webmaster.

  • The easy-to-use software works on Windows and Macintosh computer systems, and relies on QuickTime VR technology, which incurs no costs to anyone purchasing the product.

  • The virtual tour's suggested retail price ranges from $15-20 in gift shops and/or online catalogs. Of course most tours available on the web would incur no charge to a visitor.

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